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If you're looking to use my music in any commercial or non-commercial endeavour, please read my latest post! Basically, go for it!

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I'm Not Dead

Posted by synteza - August 19th, 2007

Hey folks, thanks for listening! I'll still be uploading stuff and responding to reviews every once in a while, but I'm pretty busy most of the time. I like the new look of the site :)


Lol, something in your eye?

What are you talking about, haha

Hah, you're not dead either?

Great music Bro! Ive got DRIFT, HILLS AND WOLVES, and other stuff
of yours on cd...you pump me up! The jazzy yet dark tunes you put in your songs make my day.
Go to my site if you want to see my artwork.
Ill keep it updated.
Lokkin forard to new stuff!>>>>>

'I'm Not Dead' damn! i thought i killed you with my cheesey really bad happy hardcore music. newgrounds sucks for now, probably wont come back. but im sure you are a great influence to everyone on this site, regardless of skill - and possibly the most talented.

bye milosz, see you on msn

LOL, you've gotta get AIM! I dunno, I thought you were taking a break from NG like some other people were. I know I need to. I'm on here almost 24/7. You're the king of house music so far!! I beat you for a day, then got 0'd prolly by one person who liked you better =^_^= Yay for new pic...

WTF????? one of your songs was longer when I downloaded it than when I listened to it on the website.

Awesome. You are the best, dude.

....I don't think you'll be coming back, it's been seven to eight months now.

I agree with the guy above.

Nevermind, I see a new song thar. :P

Nice new song, but I want a sequel to attack of the scots! I'm being a pushy, I know, but the song is so good :(

Well, enjoy life with all you got.

gone for a long time, nomadic without a dime
i will become sublime as i climb as i climb

XD The title Is Im Not Dead, yet this was posted in2007.
It 2009 now.

Are you still alive? I enjoyed your music.

I can haz moar Synteza? :(

Really blood miss you man. Out of all the artists on Newgrouds AP, you're one of the most valued in my list. Your style and musical vibrance is simply nothing short of impeccable.

I hope to hear more of your tracks.