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Yes, you can use my music in your Flash

2010-04-09 14:19:42 by synteza

I've been getting PMs from a few people asking if they can use my tracks for such and such purpose. I generally notice these PMs months after they are issued, and so my responses to them are generally useless. I remind you that my music is posted here under the Creative Commons license, thus enabling you to use it for any non-profit purpose without my express consent!

Furthermore, I hereby decree that you can use my music in your work even if there is a chance that your work will make money. That doesn't bother me. Good on ya. Just don't PM me about it, because then I'll read it eons later and feel like a douche.


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2010-04-09 14:27:35

What do you think of the ad revenue system in terms of people making money off your music in their flash?

synteza responds:

I've not heard of it, actually. Link?


2010-09-24 01:13:47

Hey dude! :D Bloody great that you're still alive. I've honestly always hoped you might come back, just to talk even (and best case scenario, drop another track for us). After hearing your music I honestly came to the conclusion that you are one of the most talented artists I've ever had the fortune to come across. Not just on NG. Period.

I listen to a LooooooooooooooooooT of music, doubly so Electronic genres- not just fluff mon ami. Hope all is well IRL, and hope to see another track. If not, drop by a line, or something like that :D


2011-12-17 12:01:20

You're the User of the Day today, congrats! And you have an impressive audio collection.

synteza responds:

Hey, I totally missed it! Thanks the comment and the compliment!