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excellent fun.

you have to be gordon freeman to get some of the weapons, striderhirux9.

indeed, being able to save the game is paramount.

i wish flash wasn't such a satanface and looped things properly.

Pretty sweet

The part where you duck with S and reveal yourself with W is buggy. If you switch to revealed and then duck immediately, the image remains that of the revealed state, though according to the game logic you are hidden.

I enjoyed clicking while in the air to effect the "ground breaker" move. You must know, however, that continuing to hold the jump button and spamming clicks after this move makes your character go mental. It looks hilarious and makes you virtually invincible.

If anyone is reading this review, try the trick in the paragraph above for a hearty pirate laugh!


P.S.: The motorbike parts are easy once you know the future.

I Wish You Were My Friend

This is not an entirely original game. Many sounds are borrowed from Worms 2, and several concepts from Super Smash Brothers. However, I compare what you have done here to what the Japanese do to American Inventions: you have taken a pre-existing concept and made it more accessible and possibly better. I mean screw Steinway pianos when Yamaha makes similar ones for a lower price. Your game is comparably fun to the top multiplayer real-time battle games, and available to people all over the world through the internet.

The graphics are crisp and clear because characters actually stand on their platforms without penetrating them with their feet, and have a visible outline, separating them from their background. The thought of having every character be a system of circles was brought into reality very nicely. I enjoyed mixing the characters to give them new looks and names. By the way, it would appear you forgot to capitalize a few of them.

The "x" attack of the magic weapon is too powerful. Though I realise that because both characters have equal access to it there is a balance of power, this weapon induces total chaos, like the atom bomb, and that makes one too many. Now that I'm complaining, it would be nice to have vertical platforms in the level editor, so as to create something similar to the eskimo level. Perhaps you might consider making these levels programmable (i.e. moving clouds)? I hope you consider these few tips from a fan for your XML multiplayer sequel.

I enjoyed all the songs and I'm glad you have chosen ParagonX9 because his music gets me pumped. I can't tell which song you made, but because they're all great songs: congratulations on a good one. Speaking of soundwaves, the sounds are very well fitted to the gameplay and I think the falling off the edge noise is very funny.


Mein Fisch ist größer als der Schirm!

Not an original concept, but the graphic interpretation is aesthetically pleasing. Gameplay eventually stalls without any sort of "The End" or "You Win", which, I gather, leaves many players unsatisfied. Perhaps the fish could shrink after reaching certain numbers of points and ascend to a new level with more difficult enemies. A greater play area would add some charm.

I like the continuity you've created by allowing the fish to disappear at one side of the screen and reappear at the other. It's nice to hear my song in a flash game.



I like the idea behind this game. It has the old RPG element to it, but also an innovation: the spinning sword. I don't think anything like this has been done before. Well thought out, bro!

The overall graphics aren't very fun to look at, but how much effort can it be to "soop up" the dots with some patterns or drawings? Maybe give more realism to the walls and boxes... A non-grey background would also be in the question. You know, general aesthetics.

Speaking of aesthetics, you really compressed the shit out of my song! Everything sounds so digital; the sax sounds like a saw wave! Haha, don't worry about it, but next time try using a smaller clip, which as a result would have better quality.

Another musical issue is that this song doesn't exactly fit the game very well. If you'd like, I can make you a song that's smaller and more pleasant as a loop, and I'll make it in a matter of days. Something a person would like to listen to over and over. Ion Storm is not an example of such a song. It's a once a little while listen and gets boring about the 2nd time around!

The third and final problem I see with the sound is the dynamics. A game gets rather monotonous without swarms of soft sounds. Whenever the sword hits an enemy, an "alien beep" is my pick. For bosses, a different musical loop would be great. When going through a door, a quiet warp sound. Believe me: the sound in a game is just as important as the graphics, so don't let it bore the target player.

My advice to you is to take this version off and make some small aesthetic improvements. It surely doesn't take anymore programming to change the colors and patterns of a few objects. Use another song, possibly something by someone else on NG... or I can make you one that seems to fit the mood. Add some soft, non-intrusive action sounds. The next version you submit could be much more enjoyable.

The lure is already very original, well weighted and well shaped, but it needs to be more shiny to attract the little fish in the sea of Newgrounds.

I hope you take my criticism to mind, not heart.


If you're looking to use my music in any commercial or non-commercial endeavour, please read my latest post! Basically, go for it!

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