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u r a poopie

Exxdee responds:

*pokes synteza with a stick*

Without a doubt, this is fucking incredible.

Among the most electric, gritty, breakneck, crisp, powerful and ear-pleasing DNB I've heard :)

Hard to criticize anything, good work!


Decepticon420 responds:

Yeah, alot of work went into this tune. I guess it's paying off with these glowing reviews. Thanks Mate!



xXNovaXx responds:



This is fucking awesome!


P.S.: Crazy Frog is a long story... there's this insanity test on the internet where one is instructed to suppress laughter while staring at a red race car and listening to ridiculous vocal imitations of a revving engine. While surfing the internet, an animator found this insanity test and decided that these are the sounds that a crazy frog on an invisible motorcycle would make. He created a 3-D animation featuring said frog, and as the accompanying music, he created a song involving the engine sounds from the insanity test. The song was based on a well-known melody: the Beverly Hills Cop theme song, "Axel F". Being that the music in the animation had a very catchy melody and ridiculous sounds, it quickly gained popularity among children and youth, and is now quite famous (and raking in cash!). I don't like it myself and I think it's a bad joke.

But! "Popcorn Dream" actually has nothing to do with Crazy Frog and I don't know why the person below me is talking about Crazy Frog! SHADOWFOX2's song is in fact a remix of the revolutionary song "Popcorn" by electronic music precursor, Frenchman Jean Michel Jarre, and not a remix of "Axel F".

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Haha I was about to say, maybe there was a person named Crazy Frog on NG. I didn't find him on here, but I definitely know who he is. I didn't know, but I kinda liked CF...he was just cool with me...wait, no, ok, the one you mentioned was the only cool one with me. There was another Arab-like ringtone he had that I didn't find appealing. Hmm, I thought Popcorn was made by a group or person named Hot Butter...maybe it's the name of the album, I dunno...but yeah the CF thing was pretty random. I did do a quick search of the audio portal on here before I responded to this, and I did find that there was a version of Popcorn that was combined with Axel F, and had CF in the description...maybe that's what reminded him of this LOL. I DUNNO, but it's GREAT TO HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN! Nice to know you're not dead, and thanks for the review =^_^=

congrats. also, beautiful pads

i think it's pretty cool that you get advice from anjunabeats guys on your tunes. i like their stuff a lot. my favorite daniel kandi related tune is sunny lax's remix of breathe

listening to this song of yours i have no doubt that you are indeed guided by anjunabeats melodic trance. have you heard the song 5 by aalto? that's the peak of the music in that label in my opinion. that or mira by sunny lax. i'm sure you can make it at least as far as those guys. i'm a big fan of the whole movement and i think you're doing a great job furthering it. i wish luck in your career although i don't believe in luck, but it may have some meaning to you

you may have inspired me to make and post a pro-ish trance track of my own here, but we'll see how that goes over. i'll probably just hack up a beat or something and stop there, never to touch that workfile again. i don't tend to stick to my resolutions

you're younger still than I and you have such a degree of technical skill; you've got a stellar life ahead of you. especially with your connections. one might even say you are being musically spoiled, haha (yeah don't waste it)


p.s.: i'd give a critique the song but i think that would take away from the personal tone of this review. maybe later, PM me if you like. not like you'll act on a reviewer's advice anyway, i know how it is :)

Pulstate responds:

Apparently you don't know how it is, i will act on everything you said, and immediately, i respect every letter someone types about my tracks, i'm not superstar, i don't want to be one, i just want to be a musician who expresses his passion in trance and if people like that, then all the better.



What are all these people talking about?! I don't hear any KARRR ou de bruits zarb! Who's insane, us or them?

In any case, this song is fantastic :D I'm a big fan of Super Smash, but I know that even if I wasn't I'd love this song. Kudos on both your musicianship and your musicality (the end is great, only I'd change one thing: the attack volume of the guitar. it's loud and scary). Very crisp, organic sound - keep it up!


Gorekiller responds:

...Hey thanks for the awesome review, pal ! Yeah, this KRRRR noise is some nonsense coming from nowhere. Listen and tell me what you think about the first "Break the targets ROCKED". Thanks !


Are you sure you're not a lost metalhead? This stuff sounds like it should be coming out of an electric guitar.

Holy Smokes Man

You are pro! You left a review on one of my songs, "Soundtrack" a while ago and told me to check out your stuff and now I am, and it's really good. I could rave to this :D


Hey man your stuff is pretty good. You know how to set a good mood and you know (intuitively?) the right chords. It's good to see more people with musical creativity around here as opposed to just pure geek technical skill (that's not to say geeks can't also have great musicality). But do me a big favour and get some sound banks, or sample some drums (grab single drums from existing songs, who will tell >:)!

Otherwise you're gonna get shit from some of the guys here for using that Fruity Loops dance set.


SHADOWFOX2 responds:

Thanks a bunch dude! I'm glad you think I have musical creativity. I think I've an idea of what you mean by pure geek techical skill, 'cause I don't think I have too much of it. I didn't know anything about the program when I made this one, and even now I still don't know too much about it, so sound banks kinda draw up a blank at this point. Now when you say dance set, do you mean the entire program? 'Cause in this song, I just used a bunch of drums in the Hip Hop section, with some pads. The rest was done in sound recorder...message me if you have any more responses or anything. YOU'RE MUSIC IS GREAT! Thanks again for the review umm...it's synteza right now, but it says milosz, but you used to go by Extracy...you know who you are...thanks ^_^


Man I'm jealous of the friggin' samples. What do you use to produce and who's singing?

If you're looking to use my music in any commercial or non-commercial endeavour, please read my latest post! Basically, go for it!

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