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I've been getting PMs from a few people asking if they can use my tracks for such and such purpose. I generally notice these PMs months after they are issued, and so my responses to them are generally useless. I remind you that my music is posted here under the Creative Commons license, thus enabling you to use it for any non-profit purpose without my express consent!

Furthermore, I hereby decree that you can use my music in your work even if there is a chance that your work will make money. That doesn't bother me. Good on ya. Just don't PM me about it, because then I'll read it eons later and feel like a douche.

I'm Not Dead

2007-08-19 02:09:31 by synteza

Hey folks, thanks for listening! I'll still be uploading stuff and responding to reviews every once in a while, but I'm pretty busy most of the time. I like the new look of the site :)